Why Senior Citizens Should Still Worry About Obamacare

A recent online post (Oct. 28) in Forbes features another article by physician John C. Goodman. Dr. Goodman says senior citizens should still be concerned about Medicare ramifications of the Affordable Care Act. This latest report by Dr. Goodman describes a perhaps lesser-well-known provision in Obamacare which imposes pervasive budgetary constraints on Medicare expenditures. In prior years, Medicare was solely an entitlement. Meaning, the federal government was compelled to fund care both seniors and the disabled received. Now, the ACA imposes spending limits.

Dr. Goodman’s Forbes account additionally says, “One bad result is that that Medicare beneficiaries are likely to be pushed into a second tier health care system – where access to care will become increasingly difficult, as seniors less financially attractive to providers than become Medicaid patients.”  Dr. Goodman adds, “The new law gives an Independent Payment Advisory Board the power to recommend cuts in reimbursement rates for providers of health care. Congress must either accept these cuts or propose its own plan to cut costs as much or more. If Congress fails to substitute its own plan, the board’s cuts will become effective.”

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