Where Does U.S. Healthcare Rank?

The most accurate measure of a country’s healthcare system may be a look at the point in time medical aid is given. Varying studies point to deficiencies in current healthcare. Research along these negative lines abounds, possibly, in some instances, with faulty research methods.

Reading these critiques may also raise skepticism, especially when the United Kingdom is ranked by at least one study as having a top healthcare system. Britain’s National Health Service is dealing with accusations of severe patient neglect. The allegations have caused some stateside supporters of the single-payer concept to backtrack. Ben Domenech of the think tank, Heartland.org, in Human Events online (June 19), finds fault with such healthcare studies, especially a comparatively recent one by the Commonwealth Fund, which Domenech claims is, “rigged to produce a result that favors socialized healthcare systems.”

According to Human Events, another Healthcare expert, Avik Roy, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute claims, ”the study is typical of the genre: drawing conclusions that are not warranted by the data; failing to account for alternative (and more plausible) explanations; and using flawed methodologies.”

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