Where Did The Obamacare Data Go?

Megan McArdle, in a May 21 Bloomberg View report, said, “The most transparent administration in history has decided to discontinue the monthly Affordable Care Act enrollment reports now that open enrollment is closed.”

A Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesperson justified the action by saying, “HHS issued monthly enrollment reports during the first marketplace open enrollment period in order to provide the best understanding of enrollment activities as it was taking place. Now that this time period has ended, we will look at future opportunities to share information about the marketplace that is reliable and accurate over time as further analysis can be done but we do not anticipate monthly reports.”

While the official open enrollment phase is over, it does not translate to a cessation of healthcare exchange (or marketplace) activity.  McArdle adds, “Moreover it’s hard to understand why it would stop reporting. Pulling together a report takes work, of course. But it’s not like it needs to do extensive research in order to gather much of this data; it needs to know the numbers in order to run the system.”

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