U.S. Census Data – Uninsured Increased In 2014?

Recent changes to how the U.S. Census Bureau calculates the total number uninsured in the U.S. continues to spark harsh criticism. This time it’s by Guy Benson, in Town Hall (online, Sept. 23). Benson’s The Town Hall article explains, a predominant number of “exchange enrollees had prior health insurance coverage. They joined Obamacare, “having lost their existing plans.” Yet, they are not counted as having lost those plans. This, according to Benson’s Town Hall story, serves to counter Barack Obama’s initial ACA-based pledge that people could keep their current healthcare coverage – – if they liked it. Additionally, such persons are not tallied as “newly” insured.

Benson’s Town Hall article also challenges the previously 8 million enrolled number, saying it is more like 7.3 million.

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