No, the VA Is Not an Obamacare Preview

An opposing viewpoint to Schlafly’s, is found in the Tuesday National Journal. Sam Baker says, “the VA is the VA,” meaning it’s not the Affordable Care Act. “Obamacare is not socialized medicine. It’s not a government takeover of the healthcare system. Sure, people can call it that, and in comparison with charges like ‘death panels,’ those characterizations don’t sound so off-the-reservation. But they’re still wrong.”

Baker cites several examples to support his arguments, including the fact that while “Obamacare expands eligibility for Medicaid, which is a government-run program. But it’s still not socialized medicine like the VA: you don’t use your Medicaid card to go to the Medicaid Hospital for an appointment with the Medicaid doctor, the way veteran’s do with their VA coverage.”

Baker also contends, “Obamacare is not a healthcare system. The VA is.”

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Window Into The Future

Lawyer, analyst, and author Phyllis Schlafly writes in, the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) giving inferior and delayed care is a vision of our Obamacare future. Schlafly says, “Both the VA and Obamacare suffer the endemic problems of a government-run single-payer system (a.k.a. socialism) – no choice of doctors or hospitals, no insurance companies, broken promises, lengthy waits and bureaucratic cover-ups.”

Schlafly’s Breitbart report Tuesday also points out that prior to Barack Obama’s election, “[W]e were assured by experts writing in the mainstream media that the VA was a U.S. health care leader and a model for the country.” Schlafly bolsters her anti-Obamacare arguments by adding, “We hear that some VA employees maintained secret lists and falsified data in order to conceal the wait times and hide the long delays veterans faced before seeing doctors.”

The Breitbart account additionally cites findings by who says that 12,549 bonuses equaling $8.8 million have been paid rewarding VA employees at seven failing locations.