CBO Lowers Estimate of Number of Uninsured Due to Republican Tax Law

The government’s scorekeeping agencies revised their controversial estimate for how many more people would be uninsured as a result of changes Republicans and the Trump administration made to Obamacare.

The latest estimates project that zeroing out Obamacare’s fine for going uninsured alone will result in roughly 8.6 million more people becoming uninsured by 2027 than if the fine had been kept in place, compared to the 13 million figure the agencies had released several months ago. Read More at the Washington Examiner

The Percentage of People Without Insurance Is Once Again Rising: Survey

Gains in health insurance coverage under Obamacare are starting to backslide, a new survey said.

The uninsured rate is now 15.5 percent, up from 12.7 percent in 2016, according to a survey released Friday from the left-leaning think tank Commonwealth Fund. The think tank said that coverage declines are likely due to actions by the Trump administration to weaken Obamacare, including cuts to ads and a shorter enrollment period.

Read More at the Washington Examiner.

Obamacare Price-Tag Still Bars Many From Enrolling

A recent posting on CNN Money’s web page (Jan. 29) cites a new Kaiser Family Foundation  survey / study. According to CNN Money, “The survey found nearly 6 out of 10 uninsured people who appeared eligible for coverage through the health law did not attempt to get it last year. Cost was the main reason cited.” Also according to CNN, additional findings by Kaiser reveal that a majority rightfully classified as uninsured regard at least one part of the application process as arduous. Specifically, most complaints were not so much about bureaucracy as they were about the difficulty in gathering all the underlying paperwork needed to successfully complete required application(s) for Obamacare health coverages.   CNN Money also cites other confusion and frustrations in the ACA-based healthcare application process: “Some two-thirds said they thought the coverage was too costly or were told they weren’t eligible for insurance.”

Currently, in the U.S., some 30 million individuals are without health insurance. The Kaiser report also says, “Lack of awareness of new coverage options and financial assistance appear to be a major barrier.”

Read more at CNN Money