More Lobbying For New Obamacare Sign-Ups

Republicans are set to begin another phase of their efforts geared toward countering what they view as “a complicated and meddlesome government expansion.” This is their description is of the Affordable Care Act. According to a recent report in The Hill (Peter Sullivan, online, Mar. 14) also alludes to heightened resentment on the part of conservatives following the “tax error” over Obamacare. At that time, according to Sullivan, “Republicans pounced.” The Hill report quotes Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., who said, “The Obama administration has built a healthcare law so complex, so confusing, and so costly that even they don’t know how to properly administer it.”

Conversely, during a recent (conference) call with the press, on Mar. 13, officials from the Obama administration described the current enrollment time frame as one which is “part of an effort to help familiarize people with the new system of taxes linked to health insurance — and a tax penalty if they aren’t covered.” This is all part of a joint Obama White House-health reformers’ effort to enroll people for the ACA, and is for a limited time only. It is also described as the “special enrollment period,” running from this coming Sunday, to April 30, 2015.

The Hill report continues, adding, “The administration announced the period just four weeks ago, on Feb. 20, under pressure from congressional Democrats and advocates. Congressional Republicans have been portraying Obamacare as a burden during tax season, and they will be on the lookout for any slip-ups. The GOP has already seized on an error that resulted in 800,000 people on Obamacare plans being sent the wrong tax information.”

Sullivan’s Hill report also cites a recent McKinsey and Company research poll, which recently found that 40 percent of those without health insurance are unaware of the IRS penalty for not having it.

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