Can Obamacare Be Salvaged From Debris?

Scott W. Atlas, physician and Hoover Institution senior fellow, writes in The Wall Street Journal (online, 6/28) detailing certain Obamacare flaws which must be resolved if the Affordable Care Act itself is to remain viable. Dr. Atlas elaborates: “To revive and expand private health insurance, the first step is to reduce onerous regulatory requirements. This means eliminating unnecessary coverage mandates that have ballooned under Obamacare.”   Dr. Atlas also says, “Ironically, it is the growing government centralization of health insurance at the expense of private insurance that must be addressed.” Citing a specific ACA-related healthcare cost, as one example of an Obamacare deficiency, Dr. Atlas WSJ story adds, “So-called minimum essential benefits, including unproven treatments by chiropractors, along with zero co-pay preventative services, have increased prices by as much as 10 percent.”

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Can a New Program Replace Obamacare?

Frequent and noted Affordable Care Act critic, Arvik Roy, who is also a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has a plan to replace Obamacare – one that does not actually mandate full repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

According to a report in Human Events (online, 8/14) Roy’s proposal would:

● Reform the healthcare exchanges (or marketplaces).

● Call for a repeal of the employer mandate.

● Reform both Medicaid and Medicare.

Other reforms proposed by Roy would address hospital groups employing their collective power to charge high rates; also, medical malpractice litigation reforms are proposed Roy.

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