Report: Woman Convicted of Terrorism in Israel Worked as Obamacare Navigator

Earlier this week were reports about cyber-security, or the possible lack of it for Obamacare computer systems. Now comes news of an American-Arab community activist and former Obamacare Navigator charged with immigration fraud because she hid the fact she was convicted of a terrorist bombing in Israel in 1970. Rasmieh Yousef Odeh was convicted in an Israeli court for her role in the 1969 bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem. National Review reports that on November 24, 2013 her certification as an in-person navigator was “quietly revoked”. Odeh has reportedly used as many as nine aliases. Odeh has plead not guilty to the newest sets of charges for omitting her criminal past on her immigration application.

As many as 31 states do not require background checks for Obamacare Navigators.

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