Obamacare’s Missing 3.2 Million

Those who figure may find figures don’t lie. The debate (at least on media outlets’ and think tanks’ web pages) continues about real Obamacare enrollment numbers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the RAND Corporation released one such study, entitled, “Changes in Health Insurance Enrollment Since 2013.” The Wall Street Journal on April 9,  describes Obamacare cheerleaders such as Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times, who said, “At least 9.3 million more Americans have health insurance now than in September, 2013, virtually all of them as a result of the law.”

The Journal claims the term “at least” is misleading. The actual findings by RAND: the number of uninsured Americans has declined by between 5.8 million and 12.8 million with only a 1 in 20 chance that the actual number is outside this range. Also according to RAND’s estimates, only 3.9 million have insurance through Obamacare exchanges.  This is purportedly 3.2 million fewer than the 7.1 million “sign-ups” the Obama Administration took credit for last week.

The 3.2 million gap may be explained by the timing of RAND’s survey. Data was collected through March 28, says RAND, but the majority of participants, “responded earlier in the month, and some may have made new insurance choices since participating in our survey.”

A surprise is the biggest growth category was Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI).

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