A Health Insurer Is Cyberattacked

Premera is a health insurer offering ACA-complaint plans to health care consumers. Questions may now emerge as to how safe the information those same consumers provide to health insurance companies really is. A Reuters story posted to the Huffington Post Website (online, Mar. 17) provides details about health insurer Premera Blue Cross’ experience with 21st century online reality. On Tues. Mar. 17, it was cyberattacked. The possible to probable results are almost predictable.  The incident may have laid bare medically-oriented information of some 11 million of their covered health insurance consumers.

Premera counts among its customers some 6 million persons in Washington state. Of those, are employees of Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks – according to the Reuters account in the Huffington Post, which adds, “The rest are scattered across every U.S. state.”

Premera has said the cyber-intruders may now have “claims data, including clinical information, along with banking account numbers, Social Security numbers, birth dates and other data in an attack that began in May 2014.”

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