Cancer Patients Snagged in Obamacare Paperwork

Coverage disruptions due to complex paperwork requirements seem commonplace in the health law’s system of subsidized private insurance, which currently covers about 12.7 million people.

The government says about 470,000 people had coverage terminated through Sept. 30 last year because of unresolved documentation issues involving citizenship and immigration. During the same time, more than 1 million households had their financial assistance “adjusted” because of income discrepancies. Advocates say “adjusted” usually means the subsidies get eliminated.

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HHS Swamped by Obamacare Paperwork

The overseer of Obamacare, the Department of Health and Human Services, is currently dealing with 550,000 applications as it attempts to verify people’s eligibility. Since mid-July 2014 the agency had already processed 650,000 files.


D.C. Won’t Let Doctor Assist Patients

In spite of tumultuous healthcare changes since 2010, physicians still highly regard the doctor-patient relationship. A sacred trust remaining central to the daily practice of medicine, some doctors now voice concern over reduced actual time spent with patients.

One reason for this uneasiness is the overwhelming amount of Obamacare-driven paperwork. The resulting bureaucracy is outlined in a USA Today column on June 22, 2014, by North Little Rock Arkansas Neurologist, Kathryn Chenault. The red tape increases each year, according to Dr. Chenault.  She is now thwarted by Obamacare forms coming from nation’s capital, which more so require the interpretive skills of lawyers and administrators, according to the doctor’s USA Today column.

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