700,000 ACA Enrollees Have Abandoned Their Coverage

Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, feels Obamacare is a system vulnerable to manipulation. Issa contends some 700,000 “got a free ride”, according to a Daily Caller report (online, Sept. 18). Also, according to the Daily Caller, a significant number of consumers, who are not paying their fair share, pose problems for both doctors and others in the business of rendering healthcare.

Obamacare administrator, Marilyn Tavenner, conceded – - in recent congressional testimony to Congressman Issa’s House Oversight Committee — that 700,000 of the initial Obamacare enrollees have nonetheless terminated their coverage.

As an example of what may be concerning Issa, during the initial 90 days of enrollment, a consumer is able to obtain care, even if they are a non-pay.

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Minnesota’s Largest Insurer Drops Obamacare

Another state level story about the Affordable Care Act. This time it’s the Gopher — or North Star State. In Minnesota, MNsure has pulled out of the government run and sponsored healthcare plan. Making news is the fact this is the insurer with the most the most signed-up customers. Also, according to a news release on the Web page for Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) – - of Sept. 16, PreferredOne notified Minnesota that providing coverage (via MNsure) is “not administratively and financially sustainable.” The state’s healthcare exchange, or marketplace, is seen as one whose structure is tenuous, one which may fall apart altogether. This is also according to the Citizen’s For Health Council Web news release. MNsure also said that going on into 2015 is “not sustainable.”

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Survey Says ACA Will Affect Democrats In Fall Mid Terms

More polling data provides further insight as to the number of Americans disapproving of Obamacare. According to an online post by the Independent Women’s Voice (Sept. 15) voters located in pivotal congressional districts have made their ACA-rooted opposition clear. Tangible clues are found in the iwvoice.org poll, included in the organization’s recent post. 54 percent disapprove of what is termed by IWV as “the federal healthcare takeover”. Whereas, “strong opposition” stands at 25 percent, says IWV. Reasons for the unfavorable views, include:

● Reductions in, and inferior healthcare coverage.

● Physician loss.

● Narrow healthcare provider choices.

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In Advance of ACA Second Open Enrollment – Hurdles

The CBS News Web page (of Sept. 15) features a story relating how, for the second year of the Affordable Care Act, many aspects of it are a wait and see. Is it wholly doable? Is it truly helping those it was supposed to in the first place? Meanwhile, the politically-based ACA discord continues. Rep. Bill Pascell, D-N.J., is quoted by the CBS report, as asking, “Why should individuals be punished if they got a bump in salary?” Pascarell is referring to an Obamacare reality, that some, as a result of personal earnings increases, may wind up returning a portion of their Obamacare subsidies. Also, according to the CBS story, Pascrell adds, “To me, this was not the ACA I voted on.” CBS additionally recaps the 2013 HealthCare.gov massive crash, occurring as soon as it debuted in October of that year. The result? A slowdown in Obamacare sign-ups.

For 2014, the Obama White House is promises better service for ACA customers. Yet, federal officials aren’t saying much. One possible reason? It is uncertain as to how well tests, on the system, are proceeding.

The tech executive, Andy Slavitt, who was invited by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) — to assist with computer matters — is also quoted in the CBS account, “This coming year will be one of visible and continued improvement, but not perfection.”

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Affordable Care Act Subsidies Funding Abortions

In reading a recent Hill.com Sept. 16 Web post, Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., cannot be described as being happy over a recent reporting audit by the Government Accounting Office GAO. The subject? Just where Obamacare subsides are going. According to the GAO, in part they are going toward covering abortions. Black says, “Now the GAO has proven that the government has failed to ensure that the insurance issuers are not billing the abortion surcharge separately as required by the law. So the question remains, what will the administration now do to ensure compliance? This must be fixed.”

Rep. Black’s comments tie in with a recent GAO finding which sampled 18 insurers across the U.S. 17 permitted women to fund their abortions via their healthcare plans, under the auspices of the ACA. This, in spite of the fact they may currently receive federal subsidies. According to the Hill report, by Sarah Ferris, this was discovered following a 7 month probe.

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Documents Say Obama Administration Knew of Website’s Flaws Prior To Rollout

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Web page, The Daily Signal (online, Sept. 15) Judicial Watch President John Fitton is weighing in hard against the storied Obamacare Website. The source for his contentious and negative feelings are documents (some 94 pages long) allegedly detailing an imposing picture of the website’s purported security lapses. Fitton is quoted in the Daily Signal piece as saying, “These documents show that this administration was concerned about the political problems of the security flaws but couldn’t care less about the threat to privacy of millions of Americans.”

The Judicial Watch-obtained documents specifically point out a breach in HealthCare.gov, which renders it susceptible to a “malicious code” – which can then be loaded on to the site.

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Corn Husker State Obamacare Rates To Increase

Ramifications of The Affordable Care Act, in terms of actual costs and personal impacts on the American People, continues as a story about the states, including the Midwest.

A new report in Human Events (online, Sept. 9) says It is anticipated Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska rates will rise as much as 19.5 percent. This is according to a “rate sheet”, as prepared by the State of Nebraska Insurance Department.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, according to Human Events, is placing the blame on Obamacare-mandated benefits, higher use of medical services, and ACA related taxes and charges.

Also, according to Human Events, Bruce Ramge, head of the Nebraska Department of Insurance says, “Under the federal Affordable Care Act, it appears that resulting health insurance costs will be  Increasing for most Nebraskans.”

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Obamacare Losing Fans

The summer of 2014 has seen its share of reversals for the Affordable Care Act. Including waves of negative comments regarding its Web site, HealthCare.gov. This information comes from a recent report in the Hill (9/9). Included in the report are the 48 percent of Americans questioned who say arguments over the Affordable Care Act should cease.

Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., an Arkansas incumbent is campaigning on healthcare reform this year. He released an ad last month to highlight the ways that the law could have potentially aided him in his own cancer fight. Yet he did not mention the Affordable Care Act by name the name during the 30-second ad, according to the Hill report.

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ACA Device Tax Increasingly Deceptive

The Medical Device Tax, as provided for under provision(s) of the Affordable Care Act continues collecting less revenue than at first believed it would. Approximately one third of medical device manufacturers in the United States surveyed by the Advanced Medical Technology Association (Adva Med) say they have drastically cut their research and development outlays (in 2013) due to the Medical Device Tax. These latest details of the impact of the Medical Device Tax on manufacturers are by Sally Pipes, writing in Forbes (Sept. 9). The Forbes piece quotes Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who is on record as saying the tax, “disproportionately impacts the small companies with the narrowest financial margins and the broadest innovative potential [and] pushes companies of all sizes to cut back on research and development for life-saving products.”

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No Real Child Rates For Obamacare

On a recent Kaiser Health News Web page report, is a re-cap of three news stories in the Washington Post, the Fiscal Times, and Politico Pro. The Fiscal Times Report (Sept. 9) says that while the Affordable Care Act has reduced the uninsured rates for those with meager earnings, inclusive of minorities and those at the age of majority – or older, the same does not apply to children. Additionally, according to the Washington Post’s Wonkblog page, Sept. 9, as cited by Kaiser, a study by both the Urban Institute and Georgetown Center for Children and Families found no “statistically significant change” in the levels of those uninsured – - who are 17 and under.

Any positive news is found among children younger than the age of 18. Their uninsured rate stands around 7 percent. But that is due to prior burgeoning of Medicaid and The Children’s Health Program, according to the Washington Post.

Also according to the Kaiser account, Politico Pro recently pointed out (9/9) many eligible children have not been signed up for coverage.

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