Obamacare Costs In Florida on the Rise

At one point, a two year battle took place in the Florida State Legislature (c. 2013-2015) – resulting in the granting of powers (or at least the return of same) to state regulators, letting them approve health insurers rate increases.

Now such power may be coming home to roost. In a recent article in The Hill, by Sarah Ferris, who cites the two year battle above, says ”The cost of Obamacare plans in Florida will rise about 9.2 percent next year,” . . . “Under the new rates, the average monthly premium will rise to $400 next year, up from $384, not taking into account Obamacare subsidies.”

While a number approaching 10 percent for a rate increase of any kind may not be music to the ears of some, Ferris’ Hill story points out, “The state’s new negotiating abilities were clear in some cases. Aetna, one of the largest companies, had proposed a rate hike of 20.9 percent. The final rate was 13.9 percent.”

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