An Obamacare Gamble Fails In The Silver State

Nevada, all too well known for its multi-faceted gambling forays is now on a losing steak, at least when it comes to its ACA-oriented, non-profit healthcare co-op.

“Nevada Health CO-OP” is also federally funded. And it is so, in the words of Jennifer Robison (8/26) – – writing for the Las Vegas Review Journal, “to offer health coverage through the Nevada Health link marketplace.” Yet the Nevada healthcare co-op says “that is cannot make enough money to stay in business after Jan. 1,” according to Robison’s account.

A certain irony may be key here. For as the Review Journal goes onto explain, “Amid reports that the Affordable Care Act slashed the nation’s share of uninsured from more than 17 percent to less than 12 percent, the co-op’s fate is a reminder that some components of the law didn’t work as intended.”

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