Insurance Premiums: Is $100 the Next Obamacare Hurdle?

A large majority of adults say “$100 a month or less” is the highest monthly premium they can afford to pay for health insurance in 2016, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The report found that 57 percent of respondents named that price range when asked about coverage affordability. The second-most common answer was $200 per month, which was the response of just 17 percent of respondents.

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An Over 50 Percent Increase in Obamacare Premiums?

A portion of the nation’s GDP is made up of “national health spending,” according to Breitbart (online, 5/25 – by Chriss W. Street). In 2014 that number was at 17.8 percent; which is up from 16 percent at the time Barack Obama became president.

Street is able to personally testify as to his contribution to that portion of the GDP, and the resultant increase in national health spending. In writing about his own experiences with the purchasing of healthcare coverage, Street says, “My own insurer, Aetna, left the ‘individual market’ rather than participate in the Covered California exchange. I was forced to purchase a 2014 Blue Shield Policy on the state exchange. The premium for my wife and I, who have not major health issues, almost doubled from $740 per month with Aetna to $1,340 under covered California.”

Street also adds in his Breitbart article, “President Obama claimed he compromised the design of Obamacare in 2010 to achieve fiscal neutrality over a 10 year projection to avoid increasing the deficit spending. But to achieve that mirage, the implementation was delayed for three years and the premium cost increases were ramped up over the next three years.”


Dems Hide Obamacare’s Worst Features Until Election

What’s missing from the purportedly new and improved Obamacare Web site? Information about premium costs. This significant data will be available instead, only during the second week of November, 2014. That happens to be one week following the 2014 Midterm elections. A report by Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, writing in the Investor’s Business Daily online edition of 10/28, also claims the Obama White House is now touting as a Web site making less complicated actual purchasing procedures; thus potential Obamacare consumers will better comprehend just what plans they are obtaining.

Phillips notes also says President Barack Obama has used his administrative power to rewrite Obamacare 24 times, yet, “Obamacare is not working as advertised and voters may hold the law’s supporters accountable for its failure. Given this toxic political cocktail, Obama unilaterally changes the law in order to delay constituent anger until after the next election, protecting Obamacare and pro-Obamacare politicians in the process. If only he devoted as much effort to developing sound policy as he does to political gamesmanship.”

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