House Rules Committee Head Botches ACA Figures

Getting your math wrong can result not only in stern correction, but ridicule as well. This is more likely to happen if you are a member of Congress. House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Tex., is now bearing the brunt of such chastising. He recently claimed that Obamacare will cost each individual in the United States $5 million per person.

According to a report in The Hill (online, by Cristina Marcos – Mar. 24) “Sessions then suggested that one could calculate the cost of Obamacare per person by dividing $108 billion by 12million, an estimate of the number of people receiving insurance through the healthcare law.” The $12million number coming from Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y.

A salient question remains.  Just how did Sessions come up with that number? Sessions had previously relied on, according to the Hill, “an overall estimate from House budget committee Chairman Tom Price, R-Ga., that Obamacare will cost $108 billion, though he acknowledged it was not exact.”

For her part, Slaughter is quoted by the Hill as saying, “Nobody ever paid $5 million for anybody’s healthcare in a single year. It’s the most atrocious thing I think I’ve heard on this floor.”

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