Health Insurance Scams Soar Amid Obamacare Changes

President Donald Trump has vowed to dismantle Obamacare — and con artists have been listening. Earlier this year, the government nixed the so-called individual mandate that required all Americans to buy health insurance or pay a tax penalty. And last month, new rules were adopted that allow millions of people to buy cheaper “temporary” health policies if they don’t get coverage through work.

That has created a boom in health insurance scams, experts say. Health care-related cons didn’t even register among the top 10 scams as recently as February, but they now account for nearly one-quarter of all illegal computer-generated calls, according to YouMail, a free robocall blocking service for cell phones… Read More at CBS News

Sebelius’s New Obamacare Decrees Tip Her Hand

Two decrees from Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s secretary of HHS, highlight Democrats’ principal healthcare goals for Obamacare: to redistribute money and to move away from insurance and toward pre-paid health care, preferably controlled by a federal government monopoly (“single-payer” health care).

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