Good News On Obamacare in Maryland?

A new report in the Baltimore Sun (online, 7/21) by Meredith Cohn and Andrea K. McDaniels says that it wasn’t long after disastrous 2013 debut of Obamacare in Maryland, that “The Old Line State” severed ties with Noridian, it’s prime Obamacare website (a/k/a marketplace or exchange) contractor. This was because the website failed. Maryland wound up paying Noridian “about $73 million of its $193 million contract to build and operate the exchange,” according to The Baltimore Sun account. Eventually, Maryland “dumped the website and adopted technology from Connecticut in time for the second open enrollment in 2014, costing the state extra millions of dollars,” the report elaborates.

Now according to Cohn and McDaniels, Noridian “will repay the state $45 million to settle claims that it botched the rollout of the marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act.”

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