Ohio Obamacare Expansion Price-Tag Is $3 Billion

According to new report on OhioWatchdog.org (Apr. 29) the Buckeye States’ governor, John Kasich, is expected rack up ACA expansion costs surpassing $4 billion by the end of June, 2015. Holding the governor’s feet to the budgetary fire (and to account) are two state legislators, State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, and State Rep. Nino Vitale – notably, both Republicans (as is Kasich).  Jason Hart writing in OhioWatchdog.org describes the latest expansion efforts for the ACA as being “So far, not so great.”

  • For his part, Rep. Zellwanger has said, according to Hart’s story, Uncle Sam “already has way too much debt and cannot support all of these additional costs from Obamacare let alone $1.3 billion overruns from one state.” The budget-wrecking ACA costs in Ohio are due to (according to OhioWatchdog) “a combination of exploding enrollment and higher-than-expected benefits costs per enrollee.”
  • Rep. Vitale adds, “Although we want to help people, there does come a time when there is no more money, and we either have to use debt or cannibalize other programs such as education, to offset these programs.”

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