Can Making Obamacare Simpler Make It Friendlier, Or Last?

Contacting a Social Security field office may not always yield the exact answers consumers seek, but the agency’s customer service end of things at least provides resources which “exist as an option for people who are confused,” so says a recent story in the International Business Times by Elizabeth Whitman (online, 6/29).

Obamacare, according to some, is another story. Some even now say that if the Affordable Care Act is to survive it must become simpler and more user friendly.  Some finding fault with Obamacare even say it “is so complex that some say patients deserve the equivalent of accountants or lawyers.”

The IBT account cites 46-year old Sandy Castillo, a Texas resident and cancer survivor. She found looking for healthcare options on numbing. “It was confusing” . . . “They all kind of look alike after a while.”

According to Whitman’s IBT story, Castillo has even suggested a “live chat” function return to However, when the federal site had such a function previously, it performed unsatisfactorily.

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Want Obamacare? Here’s the 21-Page Draft Application

Author presents images of the 21-page draft application Americans would use to access the Obamacare law’s subsidized insurance coverage. It reveals that federal government needs to collect lots of information on people, but wants to make the applications simple and easy to use. The result will likely be the appearance of support services and “navigators,” financed by state exchanges, who will help “navigate” the insurance system.

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