Trump Budget Trifecta: Plan Aims to Gut Obamacare, Roll Back Medicaid Expansion, Cut Medicare

  • President Donald Trump’s new budget proposal calls for another effort to repeal Obamacare.
  • Trump’s budget uses a failed Republican bill known as Graham-Cassidy as a template.
  • The proposal also seeks a rollback of the expansion of Medicaid benefits achieved under the Affordable Care Act.


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Paul Ryan on Pins and Needles: How Obamacare Could Help Kill His Budget

The Ryan Budget (Part2). With Obamacare possibly no longer being seen as a policy vortex pulling democrats into the political abyss, political observers may recall not too long ago, the GOP could pretty much shove a version of Paul Ryan’s repeal-laden budget through the House, not fretting over passage. Those days have passed. For the past three springs, Congress has passed closely related versions of what adds up to the same budget. During those three occasions there was little doubt as to its durability during the conference level process. Not so this year. In 2014 Republican Party leaders are pushing through a budget bill – fast – so the coalition which helped to craft it does not fall apart. As the mid-terms get nearer, Republicans in marginal districts don’t want to complicate matters with a risky vote. What’s happened? An underlying reality: the political base has shifted somewhat underneath Republicans, thus their policy consensus is seen as more politically dangerous than it was, in let’s say 2011, 2012, or 2013. Conservatives won’t like the latest budget bill because it keeps intact near-term expenditure deals Paul Ryan struck with Senate Democrats late in 2013.

Ryan’s latest budget contains no new anti-poverty programs, or any of the innovative reforms he promised, to make the social safety net more meaningful, for example.


Paul Ryan’s Budget Makes Wild New Claims About Obamacare

The Ryan Budget (Part 3). According to the self-described, non-partisan Think Progress: As the Obama administration celebrates having purportedly achieved its Affordable Healthcare Act preliminary re-enrollment numbers. Rep. Paul Ryan (R. Wi.) still has an opposing view: it’s in the form of his newest proposed federal budget. Ryan’s proposal seeks to outright repeal Obamacare, concurrently asking Congress to: “pursue patient-centered health-care reforms that actually bring down the cost of care by empowering consumers.” Ryan soothsays, Obamacare: “will undermine private insurance” and “the competitive forces of the marketplace”, ultimately leading to a single-payer system.

While Ryan criticizes the ACA’s “government mandates”, and the supposed choice to leave: “health-care decisions into the hands of bureaucrats”, he praises this very same kind of government control(s) elsewhere in the budget.

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