Blue Cross/Blue Shield To Exit The Land of Enchantment

Structures may only be as strong as their weakest point(s). And that point (or points) for the Affordable Care Act may well be the healthcare drama, continually unfolding in individual U.S. states.

The latest scene for this saga: The Land of Enchantment.

Robert King, writing for The Washington Examiner (online, 8/27), describes “a disagreement over insurance rates,” as the reason for Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s departure from the U.S. state of New Mexico.

According to King’s Examiner report, “The decision could have lasting ramifications if other insurers decide to also exit Obamacare exchanges. That is, “[i]f the cost of insurance becomes too high for insurers, then they could opt out of the Obamacare marketplaces,” thus “potentially restricting the types of plans offered by the marketplace, if any at all.”

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