Here’s Who Gets the Blame If Obamacare Fails (Hint: It’s Not Obama)

  • With Obamacare’s individual health insurance market struggling, the debate has shifted to who takes the blame if it fails.
  • Supporters of the law are willing to admit that it is failing but that it’s Trump’s fault.
  • Trump’s constant undermining of the ACA is giving his opponents ammunition in the blame game.

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Ahead of Trump’s 100th Day Mark, Obama Says Obamacare Is More Popular Than Trump

Former President Barack Obama hailed the political resilience of his signature health care law at a private event Thursday, pointing out that Obamacare is now more popular than his successor trying to repeal it: President Donald Trump.

As Republicans in Washington sputtered again this week in their efforts to undo the law, Obama noted to an audience in midtown Manhattan that “the Affordable Care Act has never been more popular — and it’s more popular than the current president,” according to a person in the room who paraphrased the comments.

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Blaming Authors Of The ACA

No respondents in a new survey by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) are shouting “Author! Author!” If anything, they’re blaming inherent flaws in the 2010 Affordable Care Act its creators’ doorsteps.  According to recent online story in the Daily Caller (by Connor D. Wolf, 6/15) “Participants in the survey, totaling 715 federal exchange enrollees from all 34 states without their own exchanges, were asked their opinions on several key aspects of the law. Along with blaming authors of the law for its problems, participants also noted several other problems they want lawmakers to address. The report found that over 80 percent of exchange enrollees want to get rid of the open enrollment window and nearly 70 percent want subsidies available outside of the Obamacare exchanges.”

Additional FGA survey findings show that respondents want Uncle Sam to fix Obamacare “fundamentally,” meaning, they have no desire to see states goaded into repairing the healthcare law piecemeal. According to Wolf’s Daily Caller story, that word comes specifically from Tarren Bragdon, president of FGA.

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