Study: Obamacare Doomed Without Subsidies

According to a recent online post in the Daily Caller (Oct. 21) taxpayer funded ACA subsidies in the federally-overseen exchanges (or marketplaces) still face potentially daunting legal obstacles. Such subsidies – according to the Daily Caller – are responsible for 5 million out of 7.3 million Obamacare sign-ups.

The Daily Caller also cites a study recently out by RAND Health, which concludes that if taxpayer subsidies are done away with, the Obamacare Exchanges would succumb, going into a “death spiral.”

Also, according to the Daily Caller report, the RAND study additionally found that without the ACA subsidies, the cost of premiums will rise by 43 percent; Obamacare enrollment could decline by as much as 68 percent. Translation: 11.3 million Americans, additionally, would be uninsured.

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