Security Concerns Over Privacy – On

The Obama administration has long tried to calm those getting on board with the / Obamacare website, regarding concerns over the integrity of its database. Such worries remain on the part of many when it comes to enrollees’ personal health data. Yet, the Obama White House has never really clearly indicated as to how such persons can feel wholly confident that “privacy and security policies are being adhered to.” This is at least is according to a recent report, by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, on The National’s web site (Jan. 20, 2014).

One glaring security problem for is what are defined as “third party data companies.” The National Monitor report says, ”such firms collect critical information anytime a person goes online. They track website performance and thus are able to tailor advertisements.”

Alonso-Zaldivar also explains, “While no personal information can be directly taken, these companies can piece together an Internet user profile based on the sites you visit, the terms for which you search, even your shopping habits.” Accordingly, such companies can even go as far as to bundle data gathered from, combining it with information gathered from other Websites, thus creating a reasonably detailed profile of you.

A technology expert not long ago assessed and discovered more than 50 third party companies were “running in the background.” Yet they went unnoticed by “average users,” according to the National Monitor account. This is in spite of the fact such intruders actually slow down a website’s overall functionality. is currently operational in some 37 U.S. states. The other 13 U.S. states have their own health insurance exchanges (or marketplaces) for Obamacare.

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