Paul Ryan’s Budget Makes Wild New Claims About Obamacare

The Ryan Budget (Part 3). According to the self-described, non-partisan Think Progress: As the Obama administration celebrates having purportedly achieved its Affordable Healthcare Act preliminary re-enrollment numbers. Rep. Paul Ryan (R. Wi.) still has an opposing view: it’s in the form of his newest proposed federal budget. Ryan’s proposal seeks to outright repeal Obamacare, concurrently asking Congress to: “pursue patient-centered health-care reforms that actually bring down the cost of care by empowering consumers.” Ryan soothsays, Obamacare: “will undermine private insurance” and “the competitive forces of the marketplace”, ultimately leading to a single-payer system.

While Ryan criticizes the ACA’s “government mandates”, and the supposed choice to leave: “health-care decisions into the hands of bureaucrats”, he praises this very same kind of government control(s) elsewhere in the budget.

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