Over 5 Billion And Counting For Obamacare Websites

The Fiscal Times on May 13, online discusses how state run healthcare exchanges have cost nearly half a billion dollars to construct. Just over six months later they are still not at acceptable performance levels.

“Largely inoperable state exchange websites in Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Nevada have racked up $474 million federal tax dollars so far,” as reported initially by Politico.com. “The costs will continue to climb as states scramble to salvage the flailing websites or transition onto the federal exchange.”

“The Obama administration had intended for states using the federal portals to gradually transition away from HealthCare.gov and onto their own exchanges,” said The Times. But because of state website issues, the contrary is occurring. Minnesota, Nevada and Rhode Island are each mulling over following Oregon and going over to HealthCare.gov.

The Fiscal Times also said policy experts cite cost as an unintended benefit of more states using the federal portal as it averages out being less expensive per enrollee. A report by Jay Angoff, a former Missouri Insurance Commissioner, outlines those costs to the federal government at an average of $647 to sign up each enrollee on the federal portal, versus $1,503 per enrollee on the state-based exchanges.

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