Obamacare Remains Decisive Factor in Mid-Terms

Many across the U.S. may be receiving monthly bills for substantially increased health insurance premiums. According to a recent report in the Washington Times (online, Sept. 3) those Americans are at the least starting to shop around for brand new health insurance coverage. This is being done as advance preparation for the new open enrollment season this fall. They’re also possibly discovering that the new health policies under Obamacare reflect starkly increasing costs, and – that here are no less expensive alternatives.

Also, according to the Washington Times report, President Obama’s Gallup Poll approval stands at 39 percent approving, with 54 percent negatively viewing the president’s job performance.

These latest survey findings and the increasing premiums may help and to return The Affordable Care Act to front and center in the fall Midterm Elections. When the Democratically controlled Senate passed Obamacare in 2009, one of its main provisions compelled health insurers, drug companies, hospitals, as well as health care centers, to share the $2 trillion cost – spread over the next 10 years. Yet, President Obama postponed this requirement. Now, as things stand, as of Sept. 30, 2014, insurers will have to pony up some $8 billion – which will eventually come from policyholders, ultimately bearing the full brunt of it.

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