Obamacare Late Surge May Signal Young, Healthy Sign-Ups

More than 1 million people (arguably procrastinators) waited until the last 5 days to sign up for health coverage under the auspices of the ACA. Preliminary indicators show many were both young and minorities. This may be good news for health insurers who are concerned that customers enrolling in health plans through the health insurance exchanges are sicker and older than the average American.

More than 5.4 million adults may have gained health insurance since the start of enrollment in Obamacare plans through early March, according to a survey released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. That would bring the percentage of uninsured Americans to 15.2 percent from 17.9 percent in September, the Princeton, New Jersey-based non-profit group said. The survey of 7,500 adults younger than age 65 doesn’t include the late surge of people who selected plans close to the March 31 deadline, the group also said.

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