Obamacare: Death By Rate Increase

The Affordable Care Act continues to be a story of the states as much as it is a federal one. An opinion in Forbes (online, Aug. 25) cites the state of Indiana, as an example. There, those planning on retaining their current health insurance coverage plans could possibly not fare well thanks to an Obamacare subsidy scheme – as it is under the ACA. The law parcels out such subsidies after taking into account a consumer’s income and the price of a “benchmark” plan in that state. Californians are now looking at premium hikes. It is anticipated those increases will be by 4.2 percent in 2015. Additionally, those falling within the category of younger and healthier are more prone to discontinue health coverage. This may turn out to be a major earnings issue for insurers. They require the premiums from such a demographic to counter-balance costs of funding treatments for both the elderly and unhealthy.

The Forbes account is by Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute, who concludes, “As long as Obamacare is about mandates, taxes, regulations, and subsidies – the cost of health insurance premiums will continue increase.”

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