Obamacare Continues Adverse Impacts Against Working Labor

The Daily Caller contends in a recent report on its web page(s) that “Obamacare is hiding in plain sight as a cause of the slow recovery.” This account by John R. Graham, additionally claims, employers continue to reduce employment opportunities, in response to adverse impacts of the Affordable Care Act. Also according to The Daily Caller, a recent survey of employers by the New York Federal Reserve inquired specifically about Obamacare business impacts. Commercial respondents, 20 percent, anticipate increasing – – proportionally – – the number of part-time workers. However, only 5 percent expect to hire relatively fewer part-timers; 22 intend to implement wage cuts, as well as benefits reductions. Also according to the New York Fed, as outlined by the Daily Caller, 68 percent of businesses polled are planning reductions in healthcare services covered.

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