Jindal Calls Walker’s Obamacare Alternative A ‘New Entitlement’

The 2016 political season is generating plenty of heat and opinion, especially on the topic of healthcare, and the ACA. Tom Kertcher’s recent article in PolitiFact is offering some punch lines from La. Gov. Bobby Jindal, as he continues criticize Wis. Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal(s) for an alternative to Obamacare. Jindal describes Walker’s healthcare overhaul proposal as “a new entitlement.”

For his part, Walker has proposed a 14 point (or “page”) idea for healthcare in the U.S.

According to Kertcher’s PolitiFact story, “Walker’s proposal, called ‘The Day One Patient Freedom plan,’ doesn’t use the word entitlement of course. But Walker also would provide tax credits to people who do not have employer-based coverage, saying they would make health insurance more affordable and more portable.”

Herein lies the rub with Jindal (and arguably others). The Louisiana governor has brought to the fore, certainly for purposes of political argument, the term “tax credits.” As Kertcher clarifies, “Several experts, from across the political spectrum, agreed that Walker’s credits are an entitlement.”

Also according to the PolitiFact account, Avik Roy of the conservative think tank, The Manhattan Institute, adds ”The core of Walker’s approach is a new, universal entitlement that every legal U.S. resident would be eligible for, regardless of income or need.”

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