Is The Traveling Nurse In Demand Thanks To Obamacare Or The Economy?

Back during the economic crisis of 2008, like other organizations, hospitals became increasingly restrictive with budgets. Even nurses found it tough to find work. Now, with an economy arguably on the rebound, Cherisse Dillard, a “traveling nurse” says  . . . “it’s back to full swing and there are abundant jobs for travel nurses.”

Thus, a new story in Kaiser Health News online (by Phil Galewitz, 5/27) profiles traveling nurses like Dillard and others, and  it also says another economic stimulus may well be bolstering the increased prospects for such nurses, and that stimulus is Obamacare. “With an invigorated national economy and millions of people gaining health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, demand for nurses” . . . “is at a 20 year high, say industry analysts,” according to Kaiser.

Yet, if hospitals have a love/hate relationship with any concept it is that of the roving nurses. For the KHN article cites the experiences of one Atlanta, Ga. Hospital:  “From a financial viewpoint, the travel nurses can cost significantly more per hour than regular nurses. But the travel nurses provide a vital role to help the hospital fill gaps in staffing so they can serve more patients.”

  • Places like Arizona and Florida where a significant number of retired persons visit, lead hospitals to hire traveling nurses.
  • Nurse Cherisse Dillard, profiled in the KHN report, has “worked in hospitals in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Pensacola, and the San Francisco area.”

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