In Spite of Jonathan Gruber – ACA Debate Remains The Same

A recent report in the Washington Post cites a Kaiser Family Foundation Poll, tracking as recently as October, 2014 – finding that Obamacare negativity runs at 43 percent. Favorability tracks at some 36 percent.

Concurrently, according to The Washington Post account (by Aaron Blake, Nov. 12) now ell-publicized remarks by ACA architect Jonathan Gruber do not represent the first time someone with loose lips has said things potentially harmful to the healthcare law, only to find they really weren’t. But, they continue to fuel the fires of the healthcare debate nonetheless. Threats to either starkly revamp the healthcare law or scrap it altogether continue – – in at least intimated form. Blake says in his Washington Post article, “[T]he idea that Gruber’s comments will suddenly swing public sentiment against Obamacare is wishful thinking. That’s because throughout the law’s history, support and opposition have been pretty consistent. Yes, there have been some rises and dips along the way, but, overall, the picture is one of stasis for the better part of five years.”

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