In Advance of ACA Second Open Enrollment – Hurdles

The CBS News Web page (of Sept. 15) features a story relating how, for the second year of the Affordable Care Act, many aspects of it are a wait and see. Is it wholly doable? Is it truly helping those it was supposed to in the first place? Meanwhile, the politically-based ACA discord continues. Rep. Bill Pascell, D-N.J., is quoted by the CBS report, as asking, “Why should individuals be punished if they got a bump in salary?” Pascarell is referring to an Obamacare reality, that some, as a result of personal earnings increases, may wind up returning a portion of their Obamacare subsidies. Also, according to the CBS story, Pascrell adds, “To me, this was not the ACA I voted on.” CBS additionally recaps the 2013 massive crash, occurring as soon as it debuted in October of that year. The result? A slowdown in Obamacare sign-ups.

For 2014, the Obama White House is promises better service for ACA customers. Yet, federal officials aren’t saying much. One possible reason? It is uncertain as to how well tests, on the system, are proceeding.

The tech executive, Andy Slavitt, who was invited by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) — to assist with computer matters — is also quoted in the CBS account, “This coming year will be one of visible and continued improvement, but not perfection.”

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