How The New U.S. Senate Could Disassemble The Affordable Care Act

According to a recent article in The New Republic (online, Nov. 4) a few ideas about either totally repealing or partially altering Obamacare have potential to get the attention of Democrats, as well as garner their votes. Some could even clear a filibuster – winding up on President Obama’s desk. The New Republic Report adds, “But most of the ideas under discussion would also have negative side effects, like raising the deficit or blatantly helping well-connected lobbying groups. That would give the White House a legitimate reason to veto the measures.”

Currently, the GOP is mulling over the following options for, at least amending structurally in part, The Affordable Care Act:

  • Outright repeal of the Individual Mandate.
  • Altering the Employer Mandate.
  • No more Risk Corridors.
  • Elimination of the Medical Device Tax.
  • Dismissing the Abolishing the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)

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