HHS: You’re Not Losing Healthcare Insurance – You’re Getting An Invitation

According to a new report in The Daily Caller (online, Oct. 29) the state of Virginia will be hit hard by prospects of “Obamacare cancellations.” Additionally, additional 50,000 healthcare plans will be terminated across the country during the Fall of 2014.

The Daily Caller, also quotes one HHS official, rationalizing the policy termination scenario, by saying that it does not translate into individuals losing their health insurance coverage, it simply means they “are being invited to join an Obamacare exchange.”

“If you got one of the notices that your policy was going to be discontinued because it didn’t adhere to the law, it meant that now you could go into the health-insurance marketplace,” Joan Grossie, regional director of the HHS, told the Virginia state legislature – – according to The Daily Caller.

In Virginia alone, some 250,000 Virginia citizens are facing termination of their healthcare coverage – effective Jan. 1, 2015. That is because, purportedly, their insurance does not conform to ACA requirements.  Grossie apparently would not directly Virginia state lawmaker(s)’ questions on the cancellations issue, while deriding quality levels of the terminated plans.

At one, point, during Grossie’s visit to the Virginia State Legislature, Republican state Sen. Jeff McWaters, quizzed the HHS official as whether HHS has knowledge of just the number of how many individuals are going to lose their coverage. Grossie took exception, pretty much avoiding the issue.

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