Hey, GOP! Get Smart Fighting Obamacare

Although many congressional Republicans want to defund ObamaCare, a stalemate involving the budget resolution would lead to a government shutdown, and the GOP would have to retreat.

The author suggest touting attractive pro-patient, pro-free-market reforms, which the House Republican leadership could quickly assemble into a bill. They should then get out the message and mobilize support for the critical 2014 elections, utilizing such grass-roots organizations as FreedomWorks and numerous Tea Party groups, not to mention talk radio and websites like Breitbart, The Daily Caller, RedState and others.

The author suggests that the provisions that should be included in the counter-Obama legislation are as follows:

–Nationwide shopping for insurance.

–No Medicare money to be used for financing ObamaCare.

–Eat your own cooking. (Congress and its staff, under ObamaCare, are supposed to buy insurance on an ObamaCare exchange.)

–Encourage high-risk pools.

–Push medical-malpractice reform.

–Eliminate ObamaCare’s mandated benefits. (They artificially raise insurance costs. Let people decide what they want.)

There are other reforms that could be included in an omnibus package or in separate bills.

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