Healthcare Website Still Viewed As Easily Compromised

A report in the Britain’s The Daily Mail (online, Oct. 28) says no law currently exists in the United States requiring the federal government to notify anyone that their personal health information has been hacked. About 20 million Americans have gained medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, since it was signed into law in 2010. The law was designed to make health insurance simpler and more available to Americans, but critics still see it as a waste of money.

‘”[I]t’s a mess out there right now,” says David Kennedy a security expert, in describing the current level of (or lack of) integrity with respect to the Obamacare website.  Critics still say remains as a Web site which is easily compromised.

Kennedy additionally cautions (in the Daily Mail account) that security breaches increased by some 400 per cent in 2013. This may be significant when one considers also stands as one of the most voluminous aggregations of individual health profiles ever compiled in the U.S.

The Government Accountability Office has highlighted several critical security “weaknesses” – regarding the Obamacare Web site, including, that the site was compromised back on July 8, 2014. Yet, the data breach wasn’t found until some 7 weeks afterwards.

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