GOP Health Plan Could be Road to Nowhere

For an opposition Party bent on doing away with the most revolutionary change to American healthcare since Medicare and Medicaid, a decision to hold a vote doing so has not been made – yet. The house GOP would also have to completely repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, then  work could begin in earnest to construct, then implement,  their alternative. In the next several weeks, much talk is anticipated, a lot of it coming from Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) about a replacement plan. Here, there is even concern about the term “replacement”, given many in the Republican Camp would rather offer their own market-based solutions versus government sponsored ones. Political concerns, logistically and strategically speaking, also revolve around Republicans’ unwillingness to let vulnerable Democrats vote. This following their rout in Florida’s recent special congressional election.

Three Republican Senators, Burr, Hatch, and Coburn have offered a proposal to repeal then replace Obamacare, with “market-based reforms.”

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