Good Health Policy Doesn’t Force People to Choose Between Coverage and Dignity

Pope Francis is uniting diverse groups with equally divergent opinions on a range of social issues. In part, he has done so by refocusing the Church’s emphasis on the poor – which many laud.

While the Pope has decried the free-market system as “where the powerful feed upon the powerless”, he has also described unemployment as “a burden on our conscience”, that God wants our “dignity to begin with (work).” Some 91.5 million are out of work in the U.S. Those looking for work is at a 35 year low. This month a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report details how Obamacare would do away with 2.5 million jobs by discouraging individuals from remaining on the factory floor, or at the office. Would the Pope find this and other Obamacare end-results disturbing?

The affordable Healthcare Act – better known as Obamacare – also discourages marriage, which best protects children from poverty and crime.

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