Federal Investigators Issue Subpoena To Cover Oregon, Oregon Health Authority

A May 20 story by Jeff Manning and Nick Budnick on the Oregonian’s ‘Oregon Live’ page, says the federal investigation into Oregon’s faulty health insurance exchange is becoming increasingly public, as the U.S. Attorney’s Office has issued broad subpoenas to both cover Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority. Federal prosecutors and the FBI are, “seeking documents, memos, and e-mails between the two state entities that oversaw the botched health exchange with U.S. authorities in charge of dispensing federal money for the project,” according Manning and Budnick.

In three years the state spent $250 million on a challenging technology initiative – one falling short, giving Oregon a glitch-filled, incomplete marketplace.  The Oregonian account also relates that the FBI also wants to know if state officials intentionally, “misled their federal counterparts about progress on the exchange in order to get more federal funding.”

The Cover Oregon exchange remains a weighty political liability for Gov. John Kitzhaber. A federal investigation is not helping matters. In a recent poll, nearly 50 percent of registered voters surveyed said Kitzhaber should not win re-election.

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