Doctors Describe Obamacare Medicaid Slamming

Back in 1998, the Wall Street Journal featured an article about the then widely publicized practice of telecommunications slamming. Simply put, long-distance consumers were routinely “slammed” to new long-distance providers – – without prior consent. Now, Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer, also in the Wall Street Journal (online Oct. 20, 2014) reports several of his patients who had have been funding their own individual health insurance plans, have been ejected from those plans, then finding themselves Medicaid placed. This occurred, according to Dr. Singer, when those persons signed up for health insurance on Dr. Singer adds, those patients are, “Knocked out of private insurance, they are forced to settle for longer waits and worse care.” Dr. Singer elaborates, “Even if my patients save money by no longer paying premiums, they suffer in the long run by being trapped in a subpar health-care system. A Medicaid card does not translate into quality medical care. In some cases, it does not translate into medical care at all.” The recent Wall Street report cites a new polling study conducted by the healthcare company Merritt Hawkins, which says, “Only 45 percent of doctors currently accept new Medicaid patients, and that number has declined from 55 percent in the past five years.”

Medicaid patients are more likely to die, following major surgery, while still hospital-bound. This is according to 2010 study by the University of Virginia, so says the Wall Street Journal.

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