Despite Obamacare Promise Transgenders Still Find Obtaining Healthcare Arduous

Anyone signing up for health coverage under Obamacare must check only one box on a form – indicating their gender. This is true whether the person is applying for health insurance “on the individual or small group markets,” according to a new article on the Kaiser Health News (KHN) web site (7/22). Lisa Gillespie (on KHN) relates the story of Eli Strong – formerly of Washington, D.C., who started transitioning from female to male before passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. As Gillespie’s KHN story further explains, “In 2008 he [Strong] changed all his legal identification to male, but kept his health insurance ID as female.” He had not yet undergone a hysterectomy, and had no desire to wrestle with his insurance company over the issue of a gynecological exam.

Gillespie continues, “Strong finally changed his insurance ID to male in 2014 after having a hysterectomy. But some of his transgender friends have not had an easy time navigating the system.”

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