Kaiser’s Obamacare Rates Surprise Analysts

Kaiser Permanente offers some of the highest rates in the California health exchanges for 2014. It denies doing this to avoid treating many of the sickest newly insured patients.

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Obamacare: The Real Agenda

Author argues that the real goal of Obamacare is to impose single-payer socialist healthcare on America by destroying the health insurance industry.

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IRS Taxing of Tanning Beds and other Obamacare Absurdities

Obamacare calls for a 10 percent sales tax when you exposes yourself to potentially harmful, cancer-causing tanning rays, thus affecting everyone’s health-insurance premiums. An exception is if the tanning bed is offered as part of a gym or fitness center at no extra charge. Then no tax will be imposed. Obamacare includes 47 other tax provisions.

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ObamaCare: Talk to Your Doctor Now

The author suggests readers have “a conversation” with their doctors, employers, health insurance agents and accountants about the implications of Obamacare, most of which the author feels will be negative.

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