Poll: Most Americans Remain Ignorant of Obamacare Impacts

Many Americans are ignorant about Obamacare and its implementation. For example, about 48 percent of Americans surveyed said they know “nothing at all” about whether their state is setting up a new insurance marketplace as prescribed by the law or deferring to the federal government versus just 15 percent have heard “some” about this or 7 percent who have heard “a lot.”

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What’s It Like Building D.C.’s Obamacare Exchange? ‘Organized chaos.’

A look at the difficulties faced by the D.C. Health Benefits Exchange, perhaps the smallest of all the Obamacare healthcare insurance exchanges. That means a more manageable population, but also precludes the District from some of the choices available in bigger states.

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Want Obamacare? Here’s the 21-Page Draft Application

Author presents images of the 21-page draft application Americans would use to access the Obamacare law’s subsidized insurance coverage. It reveals that federal government needs to collect lots of information on people, but wants to make the applications simple and easy to use. The result will likely be the appearance of support services and “navigators,” financed by state exchanges, who will help “navigate” the insurance system.

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