Automatic Obamacare Renewal May Mean Higher Costs

Obamacare’s potential or realized pocket book impacts usually receives prompt attention. This may be true for a recent Human Events article (online, Sept. 22) by Sean Parnell. Currently, according to the Human Events report, those who passively permit their healthcare plans to renew automatically may face a noticeable spike in what they’ll have to pay out of their own pockets. Subsidies for plans, marketed through the healthcare exchanges, are based upon personal earnings. Parnell’s human Events article also takes issue with the lack of personal choice – thanks to the ACA. Translation? The concept of auto-renewal removes consumers’ freedom of choice – which was supposedly going to be a large part of Obamacare.

Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, a market-oriented think tank for contemporary health issues, says, “The law’s endless administrative complexity shows the impossibility of trying to centrally plan one-sixth of the economy. We need to put the market and consumers in charge of choices, not bureaucrats, politicians, and regulators.”

The automatic renewal feature of the Affordable Care Act – begs the question, will “Automatic Renewal” always mean “Automatic Premium Increase”?

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