As Mandate Looms, Firms Trim Hours

Will expansion of worker health coverage will break the collective banks of business? The answer may get down to which enterprises best absorb the costs of the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act, taking effect in January, 2015.

Since the mandate is so complicated for business, the Obama administration made concessions to the private sector by delaying it – twice. The June 23 Washington Post explains when Obamacare first took effect, some proactive employers acted fast and first, offering insurance to workers. The Post report also tells of how the mandate requires most businesses provide coverage to full-time staff. However, as Obamacare-related costs became clearer, positives such as pay increases and plans for further growth cease.

Another reality is also apparent because some staff level employees have not rushed in applying for ACA coverage. One reason may be the risk of families’ personal data being shared, or worse, compromised.

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