After Enrollment Deadline, Obamacare Fight Begins Anew

Open Enrollment for Obamacare has passed much the same way it began, still a variety of computer malfunctions confront those just trying to get new health plans. New battle lines exist between Democrats and Republicans over ACA (“Obamacare”)  policy. Democrats will firmly contend that while there were setbacks in implementing the president’s signature healthcare milestone, the White House and fellow progressives should get credit for insuring millions – who not all that long ago had no healthcare. Republicans will counter-argue ACA issues exist well and far beyond the website itself. Conservatives also say the American people will suffer sticker shock when they see the costs of rising premiums, resulting in an uprising against another attempt at a big government fix.

Opponents also maintain the Obama White House is skewing the books on enrollment details, that once a more complete portrait is painted it will only undermine the Obama administration’s sales pitch for the Affordable Care Act. A recent study coming from the RAND Corporation found of the estimated 6 million people who signed up for Obamacare plans, 2 million were uninsured.

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